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Do you remember an old game family called Poker which is easy to play but require a special combination of Gambling, Strategy and knowledge to master it? The family has uniquely made a comeback. Yes, it has entered the internet  Even though it has entered the interned during the early 1990s the recent versions have made the game so popular during the last few years that it had users increase many folds during these times. The recent boom in internet connectivity around the world is considered one of the reasons for its popularity. The entry of daftar poker online to the Indian market is the main reason for its explosion.

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Global Scenario of Poker and Gambling

As India is the world’s number two in population and set to overtake China shortly to take the throne. Also,online poker entered every inch of the country at a similar time and a large phase, this has made the people’s skills comparable to each and every one who is from India playing it.  This has made the Indian region have almost the same difficulty for all the playing people. This normalized difficulty has encouraged more people to enter the game.

Can You Make Good Money Through Poker?

The greatest perk of online poker is that, if you are winning means you can win a large sum which will be enough for weeks and in luck cases months, this caused the people searching for shortcuts to wealth to enter into these types of gambling. The risk of gambling is that the money won can sometimes disappear faster than they appeared to the player by losing. If we look into the 4G data rates for countries around the world, we can see that India has the cheapest 4G data availability which is priced at 0.26$(which is 18.5rs) while the global average is 8.53$(about 586.10rs)

The lacking knowledge from the regulatory side which was publicized by weak laws to govern Gambling online has also increased the user base by a large fraction recently.

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